How to heal in Overwatch 2

Never go down.

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Maintaining your health in Overwatch 2 is very important for you and your team’s success. While the objective is always the primary goal, staying alive is the only way your team can capture it. However, the situation you are in will largely decide whether or not you can regain health. Here is how to get healed in Overwatch 2.

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How to get healing in Overwatch 2

As stated, the situation you are in will largely dictate whether or not you can get healing. Overwatch 2 is a hero shooter, so every playable character has different abilities. That goes into their fire style, maximum health, damage, and other factors like whether or not they can heal themselves. Most Tank and Damage heroes can not heal themselves, but some can. Here are those situations:

  • Junker Queen has a passive ability that slowly regenerates health when she wounds an enemy with her knife or axe
  • When D.Va is knocked out of her mech, she essentially has a second chance. Getting her Ultimate in this state will call in a new mech with full health
  • Roadhog has his Take a Breather ability that regains him about half of his maximum health immediately
  • Soldier: 76 has a healing field ability that regenerates health for him and his teammates in the aura
  • Tracer’s Recall will regenerate health that she had within the last few seconds
  • Reaper regains a little bit of health with all damage he does

To add on to these, some abilities will give your character temporary health.

As for the Support characters, each one has a passive ability that will regenerate health for them after a little bit of time where they do not receive damage. They also all have abilities that will heal their teammates, so if you are playing a different class, look out for your Support teammates. When your screen goes yellow with plus signs, you are being healed.

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Additionally, there are small and large health packs scattered around every map in the game. Finding these locations can be the difference between you dying or surviving a close one-on-one fight with an enemy. Additionally, you regain all health and become invulnerable when you step inside your spawn room. If the enemy team is pushing too far ahead, step inside and take them out. Finally, the payload on Escort and Hybrid maps will slowly give the attacking team health when they are pushing it.

There are plenty of situations that will allow you to regain health in Overwatch 2. However, there are a couple that can block you as well. Ana has an ability called Biotic Grenade that will give teammates increased healing and block off healing for enemies. Junker Queen can also do this with her Ultimate, Rampage. If your healing bar is purple, you can not heal until the effect goes away. If you have a teammate using Kiriko, she can use her Suzu Protection ability to remove this effect immediately.