How to heal in Sons of the Forest

Live a little longer.

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For most of the time during your first day in Sons of the Forest, you will walk around with low health. However, this can put you in a tight spot as you will encounter multiple enemies while wandering around the forest, and one hit from them can send you to your grave. Therefore, it is important for you to learn about how to heal in Sons of the Forest so you can survive longer.

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How to heal your character in Sons of the Forest

The best way to heal in the game is by using meds. If you searched the crates around you in the starting area, you might have gotten at least two bottles of meds. To access them, open your inventory by pressing the ‘I’ key. Meds are the quickest way to heal yourself, but they are rare. You won’t get your hands on them easily, so whenever you do, make sure not to waste them.

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Another method of healing yourself is by consuming food. You can either use canned food or cooked meals. As canned food is hard to come by in Sons of the Forest, you will need to rely on cooked meals for the most part. To cook food, you must build a fire and catch an animal. We recommend setting up Fish Traps at different spots as they can help you catch plenty of fish. Furthermore, you can also pick up berries and mushrooms while wandering around in the forest, which can help with healing too. 

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If you managed to build yourself a shelter, you can also use it to heal your character. Shelter allows your character to sleep, which regenerates health. But to get the maximum results, make sure your character ate and drank before going to sleep, as it won’t have much effect on your character otherwise.