How to help Emma kill Alexa in Dartmoor — Hitman 3 Family Feud achievement

Drink’s on us.

Not everyone in a family will appreciate one another. You can exploit this in Hitman 3 by assisting one of the family members in the Death in the Family mission, Emma, to take out Alexa Carlisle. It’s a poetic ending.

A Day to Remember

The first thing you need to do is work your way through A Day to Remember mission story. All you have to do is locate the photographer in the back of the garden, learn that there’s no fuse for the camera, and get them alone. You can take out the photographer when they attempt to take out the fuse box, but after you’ve taken out the guard standing there. Once the photographer is gone, assume their identity, and then find a spare fuse source.

If you’re following the mission story, it will show you there’s a spare fuse box next to the house, but you need a crowbar to access it. There’s one over by the greenhouse. Replace the fuse cell for the one the camera uses, and then take a picture of the maid. She’ll call the family down after this.

Make poison

While the maid is calling the family down, you need to sneak away quickly to the greenhouse to get inside it. Before proceeding to the greenhouse, make your way to the other side of the fountain to grab the wrench. You’ll need it.

Now use the crowbar you used to open up the fuse box to enter the building. Once inside, there will be a workbench you can use to create a poison. Use the wrench you found on the workbench, and then you can make the poison using the flowers to the left of the machine. Once the poison is finished, return to the family photo, and take it as if nothing were amiss.

Alternatively, you can repair the workbench with the wrench and allow Emma to make the poison herself, but for the purpose of this guide, let’s assume you are the one making the poison instead.

Plant the poison

After the photo is taken, the family will return to the house’s interior, and you’ll have to make your way inside. We recommend sneaking in through a window and grabbing a bodyguard disguise. They have the most access inside of the mansion. Once you have that disguise, make your way over to the sitting room, and wait for the family to gather.

The next step is to plant the poison you’ve made into the whiskey glass in the sitting room. You do not have to do it while Alexa is giving her speech to the family. Wait until she and her bodyguard are gone because the bodyguard that follows her around typically recognizes you in your disguise. Once they leave, plant the poison and wait for her to return to sip on the glass. This can take several minutes, so you’ll have to be patient.

Again, should you let Emma be the one to make the poison, she’ll discreetly poison the drink instead.

When Alexa drinks from the poison, she’ll fall to the ground and die shortly after. The achievement should appear slightly after this, but for us, another character had to approach the area where Alexa died and inspect the drink for the achievement/trophy notification to pop up.