Where to find the Bone Lockpick and complete the A Bone To Pick challenge on Ambrose Island in Hitman 3

They don’t need it anymore, 47.


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Ambrose Island is filled with many secrets to uncover and challenges to complete in Hitman 3. One of the most useful items is a new lockpick that you can pick up and repeatedly use, removing the need to bring one with you into the mission. This guide explains where to find the Bone Lockpick and how to complete the A Bone To Pick challenge simultaneously.

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Where to find the Bone Lockpick on Ambrose Island

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The Bone Lockpick isn’t too difficult to find. It’s tucked away along the beach on the pirate side of the island. You’ll need to explore for a while before finding it next to a pink umbrella. You’ll then have to prise it from the arm of a skeleton sticking out of the ground. See below for a map reference for the location you’ll find the Bone Lockpick at.

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Unlike many of the lockpicks you can acquire on location in Hitman 3, the Bone Lockpick has infinite uses, meaning you don’t need to smuggle in or bring a lockpick with you from the planning screen. Instead, you can just adjust your route to go past this location and grab the Bone Lockpick on your way. It’s a great method for optimizing a basic or no equipment run of Ambrose Island.

How to complete the A Bone To Pick challenge

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The A Bone To Pick challenge has redacted requirements, meaning it’s hard to know how to unlock it when you first set foot on Ambrose Island. However, all you need to do is find and pick up the Bone Lockpick, and the challenge will be completed. Then, you must finish the mission and exit successfully for the challenge to count on your profile. Follow the location outlined above, and you’ll find the Bone Lockpick easily, allowing you to complete this challenge in your first run of Ambrose Island. Make sure you exit using the submarine to leave the island in style.