Where to find the submarine key on Ambrose Island in Hitman 3

Exit the mission in style.


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Hitman 3 is packed with brilliant exits you can use in each location. While there’s always one unlocked by default, you often need to find an item or perform certain actions to unlock the more interesting exits. This guide explains where to find the submarine key on Ambrose Island so you can exit via the submarine on the beach.

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Where is the submarine key on Ambrose Island?

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The submarine key is on the pirate cove half of Ambrose Island. This is where the leader of the pirates is located and where you’ll generally find and kill her. The exact location of the submarine key is inside the ruined building on the edge of the island. It’s in the section where two guards patrol past a group of tables with a radio to the left of the guard tower. The key is sitting on the table, waiting to be collected. You’ll need to be sneaky or use a pirate disguise to pick the key up without being detected. See below for a map reference for the submarine key.

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Where is the submarine on Ambrose Island?

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The submarine is docked just off the coast in the water below the ruined building where you get the key. To reach it, you need to cross the nearby bridge out of the pirate shanty town, walk up the stairs, and take the path to the right that leads down to the water. You can walk in this shallow water all the way up to the submarine. See below for a map reference for where the submarine is lying in wait.

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Using the submarine exit by itself doesn’t complete any challenges, but it is a fun and convenient way to get off of Ambrose Island if you leave the pirate target until last. However, if you find the hippie and take his disguise, you’ll complete the 47 Leagues Under The Sea challenge. All the experience gained will count towards your Mastery Level on Ambrose Island, getting you one step closer to the Guerrilla Wetsuit.