How to hide within 10 meters of the Killer while injured in Dead by Daylight

Don’t let them find you.


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There are some truly punishing challenges for you to complete in Dead by Daylight. The game is already pretty terrifying, especially when played at night, but these challenges push it past that and into a whole new realm. This guide explains how to hide within 10 meters of the Killer while injured, so you can show the community just how tough you are.

How to hide within 10 meters of the Killer

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10 meters isn’t very far, especially when the only other being in the room is the Killer, a player out to kill you. Hiding from the Killer is tricky because they’re always on the hunt for a Survivor. While it is possible to hide behind rocks and other scenery to get this close to them, we found that the best method was hiding in a locker. Find a place on the map where the Killer seems to be patrolling a lot, get inside it, and hide in a locker. Then, all you need to do is wait for the Killer to pass by a few times and you’ll be hiding within 10 meters of them.

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To complete a challenge where you must hide within 10 meters of the Killer while injured, you must get injured first. This shouldn’t be too difficult because the Killer will always swipe at any Survivor that crosses their path. Once you’re injured, find the aforementioned locker and wait the match out. If the Killer isn’t passing by much, try to find somewhere they are moving around.

Alternative method

We found that you could also complete this challenge by hiding around rocks or the environment at the end of a Trial. Wait for the other Survivors to head through the gate and see where the Killer goes. Usually, they’ll try to hide near the gate. Make the most of this by hiding behind objects around the gate to rack up time spent close to the Killer while injured, and you should complete the challenge. The only issue with this method is that you may get caught as you run for the gate.