Can You Still Get The Demogorgon in Dead by Daylight? Answered

After a whirlwind of deals gone wrong, Stranger Things is back in Dead by Daylight and can be accessed by all players.


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Stranger Things is an incredibly popular IP, and in September 2019, it came to Dead by Daylight with its 13th Chapter DLC. However, the Chapter was removed shortly after, and fans have been pining for it ever since.

Thankfully, The Demogorgon and every part of the Stranger Things DLC is back in Dead by Daylight. For years, fans have been looking for ways to acquire the Killer, Survivors, and even get into the map from this DLC, but it’s been near-impossible. Many of these methods still work today, and they’re cheaper than buying the DLC outright for those who can’t afford it.

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Can You Still Buy The Demogorgon?

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Yes, it’s still possible to get The Demogorgon and the Stranger Things DLC in Dead by Daylight. Thanks to the re-release of the DLC in November 2023, it’s available to purchase in-game across all platforms.

The Demogorgon was a popular Killer to play in Dead by Daylight, but on November 17, 2021, the Stranger Things DLC, Dead by Daylight Chapter 13, was removed from digital storefronts. The Demogorgon became unavailable to purchase digitally, but it could still be played in-game by anyone who bought and downloaded the content before it was removed.

Likewise, Survivors Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington also couldn’t be purchased digitally but can still be used by those who bought and downloaded them before the content was removed from storefronts.

At the time the DLC was delisted, the only way to access it was by purchasing Dead by Daylight Nightmare Edition. This version of the game comes with the Stranger Things DLC on the disc, so Behaviour Interactive can’t remove it.

This is how many of us played the content while it wasn’t technically part of the game, allowing The Demogorgon to pop up now and then for fun. It’s still possible to find copies of this online, and it comes with the Stranger Things DLC, Curtain Call DLC, and Shattered Bloodline DLC.

Why Was Stranger Things Removed From Dead by Daylight?

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Developer Behaviour Interactive lost the license to the Stranger Things series for use in Dead by Daylight. If the Montreal developer ever wanted them back to coincide with the launch of the show’s last season, they certainly could. The studio would just have to renegotiate a deal with the copyright holders at Netflix. Dead by Daylight players were so put out by the removal of the DLC that they started a petition to bring it back.

Can You Still Play as The Demogorgon in Dead by Daylight?

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Yes, anyone who purchased and downloaded Chapter 13, the Stranger Things DLC for Dead by Daylight, before it was removed from storefronts can still play as The Demogorgon and use the Survivors that were part of it.

As we’ve mentioned, fans can also pick up a physical copy of Dead by Daylight Nightmare Edition and access all the content from this Chapter right now. The only caveat is that they’re be restricted to the platform they buy the game for when they want to play as The Demogorgon or one of the associated Survivors.

Of course, the easiest way to play the Stranger Things DLC in Dead by Daylight is to purchase it from the digital marketplace that’s most convenient. We purchased it for PS5 because that’s where we play the game most, and our Nightmare Edition is for PS4, so it doesn’t look as good on PS5 and really lets the game down.

How to get Dead by Daylight Nightmare Edition

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We managed to find a copy of Dead by Daylight Nightmare Edition in a specialist used electronics store, but there are many places fans can buy it from. Third-party resale websites often have copies from sellers, but the cheapest way to pick a copy up is definitely by checking used electronic stores or charity shops.

As we’ve mentioned above, it’s also possible to but the DLC directly from digital marketplaces. At the time of writing, there’s no PS5 or Xbox Series X/S version of Dead by Daylight Nightmare Edition. That could change in the future now that the Stranger Things partnership has been renewed between Netflix and Behaviour Interactive.