How to impale someone in BitLife

Going for the Vampire Challenge.

Image via Candywriter

If you’re looking to complete one of the many challenges created by the BitLife developers, chances are you might need to impale a person or two to finish a task. Unfortunately, impaling someone comes with plenty of consequences, and you’ll want to be careful if you ever do it. In this guide, we will share how to impale someone and warn you of the consequences that come with it.

Impaling someone is a form of murder in BitLife. All you have to do is make your way over to the Activities tab, scroll down to the Crimes option, and choose murder. Impaling someone should be one of the several options of how you can murder a person. You can select this form of murder, select the person you want to kill, and then there’s a chance you succeed or fail.

Anytime you do this, you’ll find yourself facing potential jail time if you’re caught. Impaling someone is a form of murder and is a horrible crime in BitLife. A good way to potentially avoid jail time is to have a lot of money to pay for lawyers or be lucky and not get caught after committing the crime. Of course, there’s a random chance of it happening, so having quite a bit of money never hurts if you need to have a lawyer on your side.