How to Improve Your Buddy’s Mood in Pokémon Go

Improve Buddy's Mood Pokémon Go

You now need to keep track of your Buddy’s mood in Pokémon GO by doing various activities with them throughout the day. By improving their mood, they’ll eventually become excited, and you’ll gain access to double hearts for the activities.

To improve their mood, you have to interact with them continually. To interact with your Buddy and pay attention to them, you can:

  • Explore the map with your buddy
  • Battle with them
  • Play with them in the AR+ mode
  • Feed them
  • Take photos of your buddy
  • Walk with your buddy

Doing these activities improves their overall mood. However, their attitude decreases over time if you don’t do these things. You’ll need to perform these to keep their mood up continually. There are several mood icons to show how they are steadily improving, and how close they are to become excited.

Buddy Mood Icons

When you get to the final mood in the ones pictured above, Excited, you’ll have double the hearts for each activity for the day. You can then get closer to becoming Best Friends with your Buddy.