How to increase maximum health in the Dead Space remake

Withstand more hits when battling against Necromorphs.

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Staying alive in the Dead Space remake is no easy task; increasing your maximum health is a good way to do this. As you progress through the game, the enemies become more challenging, and the weapons you use will be instrumental in taking them down, but you need to make sure you can take a hit or two in a battle. Here’s what you need to know about how to increase maximum health in the Dead Space remake.

How to get more health in the Dead Space remake

It all comes down to the upgrade tree and purchasing those upgrades from an upgrade bench. When interacting with the upgrade bench, all the weapons you’ve found and Isaac’s RIG suit will have upgrade trees. You want to go into the RIG suit upgrade tree and purchase any upgrade node with Health on it. Unfortunately, you cannot pick and choose what upgrades you want to grab. Instead, you must follow the upgrade path and purchase every node in that tree.

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Your maximum health will increase for every health node you purchase in the RIG suit upgrade tree. Unfortunately, limited upgrade slots are available when you first unlock the upgrade bench. You can expand this tree by purchasing the suit upgrades from the Store, which cost a good amount of Credits. These purchases are worthwhile in increasing your inventory capacity and ensuring you have additional upgrade pathways to purchase.

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If you’re struggling with your health, it might be time to explore parts of the ship to find nodes, which is how you purchase upgrades. Without enough nodes, you won’t be able to unlock those maximum health upgrades, making your journey through the Ishimura much more difficult.

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