How to increase opinion of yourself and others in Crusader Kings 3

Ruling a kingdom is a popularity contest.

Crusader Kings 3 is partially about winning the popularity contest with a lot of different people. The more characters and vassals in your realm who like you, the more they’re willing to work with you and help you complete your agenda. You need to pay attention to how your vassals view you, along with nearly every other character in the game. Their opinion of you shows up as a small number next to their avatar. But for those you want to convince to work with you, how do you increase their opinion and win their trust?

You have a handful of methods to gain another’s trust. For most of your vassals and those in your court, you need to sway them. Right-click on their portrait to bring up the various interactions you can pick with them. You should have the option to persuade them. To sway another character, it takes several months to convince them to see your point of view.

It usually takes several months, but the time increases or decreases depending on how diplomatic your character is. If they have any traits that make it harder for them to speak with others. For example, a character with the Shy trait means they gain stress for attempting to talk with them, and the overall process takes longer. Random events may occur when trying to sway them to make it easier to win them over. These events could also negatively impact your efforts.

Alternatively, you can quickly increase another character’s opinion by sending them a gift. The inflated opinion does not last forever, and every year their view of you goes down by a certain amount. It’s a good idea to use a gift to take advantage of their opinion of you to do a quick action.

There are numerous other factors to another character liking your character. It can come from having similar faith, culture, if you’re members of the same family, if you’ve killed members of their family if you took something from them, or any number of things. You can hover over the number of that character’s opinion to see why they might hate you more than others. Once you find out why you can try to find ways to correct it. You especially want to make sure your vassals are content with you. In time, see if you cannot win over neighboring leaders to turn them into your vassals or build alliances to become a more powerful empire.