How to increase Reputation Rank with the Crow in Destiny 2

Bring him shiny things.

Destiny 2

The Crow has arrived in Destiny 2, and is the season vendor, looking after the Wrathborn Hunts in the Season of the Hunt. You will be interacting with him a lot as you use your Cryptolith Lure to track down wayward Hive enemies and dispense some good old fashioned Guardian justice.

You will want to upgrade your Reputation Rank with the Crow for a couple of reasons. It will give you access to new upgrades for the Lure under his “Lures and Mods” menu. You will also earn Engrams from him, containing loot related to the Wrathborn Hunt including weapons and armor.

To upgrade your Reputation Rank you will need Recon Data. This can be earned and then handed in to the Crow, with each 20 Recon Data increase Reputation Rank by one level.

You can earn Recon Data in a few different ways. The first is by completing Wrathborn Hunts, and you can also earn it from the Season Pass by leveling up if you are on the Premium Track.

It is traditionally worth grinding these activities as much as you can, so make sure you earn as much Reputation Rank with the Crow as possible to ensure you are getting the best possible rewards for your Wrathborn Hunts. The right mods will allow you to earn Masterworked gear and weapons, which saves a huge amount of grinding in other activities.