How to increase your notoriety in the Mafia in BitLife

Everyone knows your name.

Image via Candywriter

When you join the Mafia in BitLife, it’s likely taken you a bit of effort. You’ve probably committed a handful of crimes, but now, you have to commit those crimes in the name of one of the several Mafia families you’ve joined. The more notoriety you have, though, the more infamy and respect that comes with it, which means more pay, a higher position, and the ability to call the shots.

The crimes you commit in the Mafia are similar to those you can commit on your own, but now you’ll be able to generate the family’s income. The income assists them, but it’s only a small way to increase your notoriety in that organization. Another way you can do it is by going with the standard hard work method that you have for any occupation or job, but it’ll only get you so far

One of the best ways we’ve noticed to gain notoriety in the Mafia at the earlier stages is to perform small burglaries, steal cars, and to extort local businesses. By reaching out and shaking down the owners to force them to pay a certain amount, usually around $3,000 to $5,000, we’ve been capable of generating a steady income while not having too much trouble with the authorities.

It’ll take quite a bit of time to progress within the Mafia. The more sources of income and jobs you perform for the Mafia without asking any questions increases your standing, so whenever the boss asks for you, or you find yourself being requested to handle a specific, make sure to do it, no questions asked.