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How to infect every character in The Quarry

It's time to turn.
This article is over 2 years old and may contain outdated information

If you’ve scanned the achievement/trophy list for The Quarry, you’ve spotted one called “Blood Pact.” This achievement requires you to infect every counselor, a concept that could be considered a spoiler on its own. We’ll give you a healthy spoiler warning before explaining how to unlock it, since this guide includes information on most of the game’s chapters.

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How infections work

To get infected, you need to be bitten by a werewolf. There are specific circumstances under which each of the nine counselors can be bitten, and they involve important choices and Quick Time events. One thing to note is that it is possible to infect everyone and still get them all out alive. This is due to the nature of the werewolf curse: shooting Silas at the end of the game will cure everyone instantly. That includes the Hackett family, even if they don’t count toward the challenge themselves. Even so, you may want to save an all-infection run for later playthroughs.

Laura & Max

Image via Supermassive Games

Laura and Max count, but since they’re infected by default as part of the story, you don’t have to do anything special. Consider them checked off the list already.


Image via Supermassive Games

Abi is the first character you can actively infect. While running from the werewolf in Chapter 3, fail the Quick Time events on purpose. This will result in her getting bit.


Image via Supermassive Games

There are two ways to infect Emma, the first in Chapter 4. This requires no previous setup, and it happens when you encounter the werewolf on the island. When you loop back to the tree house, choose to block the door instead of going straight for the trap door. Fail the next quick time events, and she’ll wind up bitten.

The other method requires an earlier choice. When you find the fireworks in the safe in Chapter 2, choose to leave them inside. Alternatively, don’t pick them up at the fire pit in Chapter 6. On your way back to the lodge, choose to run, and a werewolf will pounce on you. Without fireworks to scare it off, you’ll be bitten.


Image via Supermassive Games

Infecting Dylan also requires an earlier choice. When you first control Abi in Chapter 1, you’ll have the option to help Emma break into the cabin — do that. Later on, in Chapter 5, Dylan and Ryan will be inside the radio hut when a werewolf attacks. This will lead to Dylan getting a bite in hand, but only if you broke into the cabin earlier. Since everyone needs to be infected simultaneously, choose not to amputate Dylan’s hand after the bite. Don’t worry; you can still keep him alive even with the bite.


Image via Supermassive Games

You’ll need to make a key choice with Jacob, too, if you want to pull this off. Once freed from the snare trap in Chapter 3, you’ll have the choice to throw dirt in the hunter’s face. Do it, and you’ll run away without receiving a smear of werewolf’s blood. The infection itself happens in Chapter 6, when Jacob runs from the werewolf. Fail the quick time events here, and without the protection of the werewolf blood, it’ll bite you too.


Image via Supermassive Games

Ryan’s infection comes from a single binary choice. Partway through Chapter 9, he’ll be bleeding out after having had a knife removed from his side (this happens one way or another, regardless of your choices). Laura will offer to bite and infect him to heal the wound deliberately. Accept the offer and don’t pull away.


Image via Supermassive Games

Kaitlyn is the last counselor who can be infected, and it takes the most specific steps. It all goes down when she and Dylan are at the scrapyard in Chapter 9. When Dylan is up in the crane, he’ll spot the werewolf approaching. First, choose to warn Kaitlyn and do the QTE. Then, choose to slam the car and fail the next QTE. This will result in her being bit in the leg.

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