How to investigate the Anomaly at Weeping Woods in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Yet another mystery.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Agent Jones quests will reveal yet another anomaly at the Weeping Woods in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6. Players can explore it to unlock another skin style for the Agent Jonesy skin.

This time, they will need to visit the Guardian Tower in Weeping Woods. A butterfly anomaly can be found on the ground nearby and will lead players on a chase up the tower.

The anomaly can be found on the north side of the tower, just beside a small hut and near the stairs that lead up the tower. When you walk through anomaly it will start to move, traveling up the tower.

If you get lucky, you can avoid the Guardian that will be patrolling the area, or just run up the tower quickly even if it does see you. These tough enemies can be annoying to deal with.

When you get the top, the anomaly will turn into a crystal you can interact with, but will do so out over the edge of the tower. Building a double ramp will do the job, and if you don’t have materials there should be two chests at the top of the Guardian Tower that you can loot and break up for resources.

This will then get you the final Agent Jonsey edit style of the season, unless there are more secrets hidden away in the Battle Pass.