How to join a Crew in Tower of Fantasy

Do it for the crew.

Image via Hotta Studios

Tower of Fantasy is a gigantic RPG, but being an MMO, it is also a social experience. For the longest time, joining a guild has been the premiere social part of any MMO, putting you in a group of like-minded people looking to put serious time and effort into the game. Tower of Fantasy’s version of a guild is a Crew. Here is how you can join a Crew.

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How to apply for a Crew in Tower of Fantasy

Before you can join a Crew in Tower of Fantasy, you must first proceed through the main story until you shut down the first Omnium Tower. This will be right after winning the mini-tournament and just before you set off on your big adventure. As soon as the tower is shut down, a new Crew option will appear in your menu when you press Escape on PC or click the top right icon on mobile.

In the Crew menu, you will see a list of crews available in the game. Be sure to look through the list and read each description to understand what they are looking for. Some Crews are more serious about your contribution than others, so they could expect you to be online once a day—also, look out for any level requirements that they have set.

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If you want to join a Crew right now, click the checkbox at the bottom to only show Crews with vacancies. Find one that looks interesting to you and click Request to send an application to the Crew leader. If you really don’t care about finding a specific Crew, click Apply For All, and you should easily find a Crew that has the auto accept requests option on and get put in one a Crew right away. If you ever are in a Crew that you don’t like, you can always leave it and find another one.