How to join Super Contest Shows in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Where the strongest moves a Pokémon can do are dance moves.

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Super Contest Shows have returned in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, and they are as zany as remembered from the original games. Although there are a few twists this time around, the show’s hall will still have you enter into a competitive dance battle between other Pokémon. As it can’t be played right away, players will need to make their way to one particular city to enter shows.

Super Contest Shows are held exclusively in Hearthome City, a location available once the bike has been obtained from Eterna City. When going into Hearthome for the first time, you’ll be met by a child who will immediately show you to the Contest Hall. Inside, speak to the person behind the counter to enter into a show of your choosing.

There are five different show (or “condition”) types: Coolness, Beauty, Cuteness, Cleverness, and Toughness. For the best chance at success, you’ll need a Pokémon that thrives in a given condition. When entering a Pokémon in a contest, a stat sheet will display which conditions your Pokémon excel at. Each of these can be boosted by giving them specific Poffins.

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For each of these show types, four different levels of difficulty can be completed: Normal, Great, Ultra, and Master. However, trainers are required to begin at the Normal Rank contests and continue down the line from there once the entered Pokémon has won Star of the Show in that rank. By winning Star of the Show, players will win commemorative ribbons that become rarer with each higher difficulty show completed. Additional Pokéball stickers will also be granted, which will aid in raising your visual performance score in the shows.

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