Tips To Kill Darkbeast Paarl Boss In Bloodborne


In the previous part Bloodborne Part 6 Walkthrough, you had fought with The Witch of Hemwick at the Hemwick Charnel Lane. In this part, you will encounter Darkbeast Paarl. It is a huge beast with an electric charge. Once the beast charges itself with electricity it will inflict a high damage. The beast is also vulnerable to fire.

Darkbeast Paarl Boss Battle Walkthrough

Darkbeast Paarl Boss Battle Walkthrough

Darkbeast cane found in Hypogean Gaol, you have to pass through a cave hole and reach a cell chamber that is filled with Kidnappers demons. If you remember the basement room with two Eye Collections and Kidnappers at a table then you are in the right direction. You will have to return down the stairs and cross the Kidnappers to enter the tunnel that will lead you to the boss arena.

How To Kill Darkbeast Paarl Boss:

Darkbeast Pearl is a lightning based boss, it means Lightning damage will not work on it. The head is the most vulnerable part of the beast. So try focusing all your attack on the face of a beast. It can be an aggressive boss who can dodge your attacks. And if you try reaching near it will attack. Staying below the beast is an ideal point to attack in the fight. Avoid staying on the backside, you will face high damage. Most of the attack by Darkbeast is shock damage. So if you have Henryk’s attire then you can reduce the damaging impact a bit.

Tips To Defeat Darkbeast Paarl Boss Phase 1:

You can engage the beast in Burst Combo. By this, you can cause a good damage on his face. Stay under the massive skeleton body when the beast is recovering. Try attacking the head from below. Static Discharge is the counter-attack by the beast, so you have to be at a safe distance to avoid any damage through that. If you are able to make your way below the body of the beast you can perform a visceral attack and his electric discharge will be disabled. But watch out for the beasts next attack, he will perform some aggressive slashes and then try to charge himself again.

Tips To Defeat Darkbeast Paarl Boss Phase 2:

In the next phase, the beast health will be down to 50% he will be more aggressive than before. He will try to attack you with forwarding static discharge so at all cost dodge it. You must try to stay under this beast to avoid any kind of additional damage from the beast attacks. As usual, target the head.

The key to killing this beast is by causing maximum damage before it generates its aura. The beast is vulnerable to fire attack and it is advisable to carry a lot of fire paper and oil urns. This will help you to cause regular and high damage. One the beast dies you will get 21,000 Blood Echoes and Spark Hunter Badge. You can read our walkthrough on the next part where you will face Shadow of Yharnam, or you can refer our Bloodborne Wiki guide for more updates on the game.