How to learn how to swim in BitLife

Let’s not jump into the deep end.

Image via Candywriter

A skill you might take for granted is the fact you know how to swim. Not everyone learns how to do it, especially at a young age. In BitLife, for those keen on completing any of the game’s challenges, such as the Titanic Challenge, you’ll have to teach your character how to swim. There’s no skills button or method of directly doing this, so you have to go about this indirectly.

The only way we’ve discovered for your character to learn how to swim in BitLife is to have them attend a swimming club at their school. You can do this around the time they enter middle school. To make sure you’re capable of joining the team, we recommend having your character going on plenty of walks, attempting to keep them as active as possible, and they have high health.

A character who doesn’t have the best athleticism will not be accepted to the swim club, similar to any other sports-related clubs in BitLife. If you don’t make the team, you may have to wait a few years and join it in High School.

Once you join the team, your character immediately learns how to swim. There’s nothing exceptional about this skill, but it could help you survive a shipwreck far more than other characters who don’t know how to do this. It’s primarily a way for you to complete challenges.

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