How to learn the wolf fur cape and why it’s good in Valheim

Did you remember your favorite cloak?

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There are several wearable items and armor pieces you can learn how to make in Valheim. Most of them require a specific type of ore for you to acquire and then smelt down, but the wolf fur cape requires a specific item to drop. You need to obtain a wolf trophy. The wolf trophy drops off the wolves that roam around the Mountains biome, but they don’t always appear.

Here are all of the resources for the wolf fur cape, and you can only craft it at a level two workbench. You need to have held all of these items in your inventory to learn the wolf fur cape recipe.

  • 6 Wolf pelts
  • 4 Silver
  • 1 Wolf Trophy

The wolf trophy and the silver are the hardest obtain of all these choices. The wolf trophy only drops by battling against wolves. Because it doesn’t always appear, you’ll have to take out several of them until it does. You’ll also need an open slot in your inventory to pick up the item.

For silver, you need to have defeated the third Forsaken boss, Bonemass, and to have obtained the unique item it drops, the wishbone. With this item equipped, a distinct blue and green glow will appear around you when you are close to treasure or silver. You can find it deep underground in the Mountains biome, and we recommend you bring more than one pickaxe to dig into the earth.

When you have all of the resources, you can craft the wolf fur cape at your level two workbench and wear it. The wolf fur cape does not provide any extra armor for you. However, it does provide a layer of frost resistance. With it, you’ll be able not to take any freezing damage while adventuring in the Mountain, so you won’t have to craft multiple frost resistance meads. If you’re wet, though, and go into the Mountains, you’ll need to drink a frost-resistant potion on top of the protective frost armor you’re wearing.

Plus, you look fantastic with the cloak as it has a wolf head that rests on your shoulder. It doesn’t offer armor, but it’s an intimidating appearance.