How to get the wishbone in Valheim

It’ll give you a way to progress forward in Valheim.

The wishbone is a critical item you’ll need to obtain if you want to progress in Valheim, namely in the Mountains biome. There are powerful creatures in the mountains, like wolves and dragons, wandering around, ready to attack you on sight. But these mountains also contain some extremely beneficial resources: silver and obsidian. Of the two, obsidian is a bit easier to find. But if you want to locate deposits of silver, you need to use a wishbone.

How to get the wishbone

There’s only one way to acquire the wishbone in Valheim, and that’s to defeat the third boss, Bonemass. You can find Bonemass in the Swamp biomes. If you’re having trouble finding its exact location, you’ll have to investigate the various crypts in the Swamp to find a runestone, similar to how you located Eikthyr and the Elder. Once you find Bonemass’ runestone, you’ll learn of its exact position, and then you can take it down.

We highly recommend going with a full party, and making sure everyone is prepared. Many players have noted that Bonemass is a hard checkpoint for players looking to advance, and if you’re playing by yourself, you’re going to have quite a bit of trouble taking it down. You’ll want to bring plenty of poison resistance mead with you, carry an iron mace to do damage against bones, and make sure you have some iron armor, and upgrade it if you can.

Once you defeat Bonemass, it drops the wishbone. You’ll use the item like a radar, and it’ll lead you to silver deposits in the Mountains. When you get there, though, you’ll find yourself freezing and damage over time, so we recommend making a frost resistance mead before adventuring up there.