How to level a Free Company in Final Fantasy XIV in 2021

Leveling a Free Company to Rank 30 is slow and tedious, but at least it’s uncomplicated.


Leveling a Free Company in Final Fantasy XIV Online can be a slow process. A Free Company is essentially a guild, a group of players working together who complete content and work together playing the game. Your Free Company might be lucky enough to have a home that you maintenance and help maintain as a group. If you want to increase your Free Company’s level, you can do a few things.

Running content together

A Free Company earns points by running daily roulettes, raiding, or farming Extreme Trials. The community has generally agreed that running FATEs as a group is a good way to earn points, but this method is prolonged and hard to quantify. In addition, it’s difficult to farm points this way unless your FC has dozens—if not hundreds—of active members. You’re better off saving your dailies to complete as a group before trying to do any of the FATEs.

Crafting High Quality items

Producing high-level crafts in bulk amounts really racks up the points. If there’s a well-geared crafter in your Free Company who keeps you supplied with raid food and potions, thank them; their mass-crafted contributions will help your FC gain levels quickly. You can also help out by choosing one of the Disciples of the Hands classes and assisting them in ensuring they actively have ingredients they can use whenever they’re crafting or you’re working on something that’s too time-consuming for them.

Supply & Provisioning Missions

Completing your daily Supply & Provisioning Missions at your Grand Company earns you Company Seals, which in turn earns your FC more points. If you haven’t reached the level cap, these dailies are a powerful way to level crafters and gatherers. If you are capped, these can provide you with a steady stream of GC Seals to purchase retainer ventures and esoteric mats. So there are plenty of motivations to complete the missions daily, and increasing your Free Company’s level is icing on the cake.

Expert Deliveries

The third tab of your Grand Company, Expert Delivery, is where the magic happens. Turning in dungeon drops and crafted green items earns your FC a ton of points. Of course, higher-level items yield the most seals, but lower-level items may be easier to acquire. For example, level 50 crafted Militia Chokers have been a perennial favorite for leveling Free Companies since it only requires two mats that are brought back in large quantities by retainers.

Look for items that your Free Company’s crafters can churn out by the dozen. Gear from previous patches or expansions is effortless to make, and since the demand for them is low, you may be able to score cheap crafting mats by the stack. Craft these items high-quality to take advantage of the points gained from making HQ items, or save time by quick-synthing gear in bulk.