How to level up fast in Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone is the place to level up.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Screengrab via Activision

The Call of Duty: Warzone mode features you up against a horde of players, and all of you after the same goal: survival. You can choose to enter the game by yourself, with two other friends, or with three. The great thing about wanting to play the game this game mode is your progress carries over to additional Call of Duty multiplayer modes. All of the experience you earn with weapons and levels work the same, and for some, playing Warzone could be easier than jumping into a multiplayer lobby. Here’s how you can level up fast in Call of Duty Warzone.

Complete Contracts

There are contracts all over the map for you to complete. They offer you a great reward for completing them in terms of level and weapon experience points, but they also earn you plenty of money in a Warzone match, which you can use to purchase upgrades for you and your squad. These are a reasonably safe method to earning experience, at least it is if you stick to the recon or the scavenger contracts. If you choose to do the bounty ones, you will have to fight other players to complete this quest, and you might go down. You want to select the recon or scavenger ones to increase the multiplier you receive for completing the next contract, stacking them.

Survive and Rank High

While your goal in the game is to be the last squad standing, this won’t happen every game. You and your friends might run into a bit of trouble, or plain bad luck. The best thing you can do is survive for as long as you can and try to beat other players, also trying to survive. Your best bet is to play it safe for as long as possible and remove yourself from the highly populated towns. Try sticking to the edge of all of the maps for as long as possible, completing contracts, and gathering powerful weapons.

Grab Aerial Strikes and Use the Heartbeat Sensor

By completing contracts in Warzone, you will earn money, and the more money you obtain, the more you can purchase from the store once you find a station. Grab the self-revive kit and any of the aerial strikes you can call in to make your life easier. Once the map starts to close in, these become far more efficient, especially for enemies clustered together. Also, it helps for someone on your team to have the heartbeat sensor. You can use it to sneak up enemies as the circle begins to tighten, giving you a further advantage against them.

Travel Fast with Vehicles

The Warzone map is relatively big, but sometimes you can find yourself running across several open spaces to close the gap to any safe location. If contracts are too far apart or your teammates are exploring the map too slowly, grab a vehicle. While the vehicle does give away your location, it helps you traverse the map and grab as many contracts as you can obtain.

For Warzone, it’s all about completing the contracts and not engaging enemies. You only want to start fighting them when you have no other option and the circle is closing in to trap everyone. The less fighting you do, the more contracts you can complete.