How to level up quickly in Final Fantasy XIV Online

Level up fast and reach the endgame content.

Screengrab from Square Enix

You can spend a lot of time grinding levels in Final Fantasy XIV Online before hitting the endgame. It can feel extremely daunting, and the grind never seems to give up on you. For those looking for a singular task to focus on to make leveling easier, we have a few recommendations for you that should make your progression faster.

Eat food

Whenever you’re about to embark on any quests or go hunting for mobs to complete your hunting log, make sure your character has eaten a little bit of food. The food buffs in Final Fantasy XIV Online are beneficial and provide a small boost that helps you throughout the leveling process. So always have some form of food in your inventory that you can eat when the buff goes away.

Perform Job quests

Every five levels or so, your character will have a chance to do a Job quest. While you’re leveling, these are important to finish to make sure you’re acquiring new abilities for your character and increasing their talents. Whenever you have the opportunity to complete a job quest, while they do not offer the most XP, they give you access to stronger abilities, making leveling easier.

Dungeons – Leveling Roulette

You should be dungeons almost constantly. Dungeons are the best way to level up in Final Fantasy XIV Online, and you should always be in a queue for one. Once a day, you’ll have access to the Leveling Roulette, which gives you a random dungeon to go through. Make sure to finish this first before going to the highest level dungeon you can finish with a group of random players.

Hunting Log

Your Hunting Log features a list of various mobs that you can hunt down in a certain area. You only need to defeat a handful of them before completing the log. Once you do, you’ll receive a huge XP boost, and these are a great way to give yourself some additional XP while you’re waiting for a Dungeon queue.

Main Story quests

Whenever you become tired of the Dungeons, or the current highest one is too difficult for your character, you can always default to the Main Story quests. These quests are designed to be much easier than any of the Side Quests or FATEs you might find while wandering an area. Therefore, completing these are a good way to give your character significant boosts of XP without too much effort. Then, when you’re ready, you can return to Dungeons, which provide the most substantial XP boosts in the game.