How to live or emigrate to Romania in BitLife

Time to move out.

Live or Emigrate to Romania

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Players have the option to work towards moving to a different country in BitLife beyond where they originally grew up. It gives them the chance to experience a new life, new people, and encounter things they may have never experienced. Moving to and living in a specific country also fulfills specific challenge requirements, such as living in Romania for the Vampire Challenge.

You have two choices when attempting to live in a specific location. The first, and commonly easiest one, is to have your character die and start a new life, creating a custom character who already lives in Romania. You can wait for your character to age through their life, or you can click the menu option at the top left of your screen and automatically reroll a new life, starting in Romania.

For those who don’t choose this, you need to emigrate to Romania. You can do this on the activities page, which you can find underneath the license tab. Click the emigrate option, and you should be able to work your way towards moving to Romania, but you can only choose from the list of available countries. You might need to see Romania available.

Your best option is to choose one of the options available to you and move there, attempting to move elsewhere from your new location. This option can take a bit of time because you need to be approved for emigration. Those who don’t receive approval can try to make their way there illegally, but it runs the risk of the local authorities finding you, giving you jail time, and then sending your back to the previous country.

Overall, when attempting to be in a specific country with a character you’re better off having them start out there as a custom character, rather than emigrating.