How to make a Bone Needle in Green Hell

The most effective dewormer in the game.

Image via Creepy Jar

Green Hell’s jungle setting is filled with all sorts of lifeforms capable of killing you. Some of the game’s enemies look to end your life as soon as you cross them, but others, such as the worm, prefer to take their time. When a worm burrows its way inside your character, it will cause them to slowly go insane, decreasing their chance of survival. Thankfully, getting rid of worms is pretty easy with a Bone Needle; here’s how you can get these makeshift dewormers in Green Hell.

Before you can fashion yourself a Bone Needle, you’ll first need to find a bone, which you can loot from the corpses of humans and most mammals. After you acquire a bone, open your inventory, select your bone, and choose the “harvest” option. Within a few seconds, you’ll have some Bone Needles in your inventory; for every bone you have, you’ll be able to obtain two Bone Needles upon harvesting.

The primary use of a Bone Needle is to get rid of worms that have burrowed under your character’s skin. To do this, open the body inspection window, navigate to the worm-infected limb, and drag your Bone Needle onto the wound. You can also use Bone Needles to create Bone Hooks. Simply open your crafting menu, throw one Bone Needle onto the crafting table, and you’ll obtain one Bone Hook. Hooks can then be used for either fishing or creating drying racks.