Minecraft Java vs Bedrock: What’s the difference?

Which should you jump into?

Image via Mojang

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Even when a game is released on various platforms, they often are more or less the same game. That being said, there are distinct differences when it comes to Minecraft’s Java and Bedrock Editions, raising questions about which one is better. In all honesty, it comes down to your personal situation. Here are the differences between Java and Bedrock Minecraft and which one you should play.

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What is different between Minecraft Bedrock and Java Edition?

The big difference between the Java and Bedrock Editions in Minecraft is how they were built. Java is the original creation of Minecraft, originally releasing in 2009. This version, running on Java, is prone to more security problems and not naturally made for running games in 3D. While both games generally have the same content, there are a few new items and functionalities in Java. Also, community-created mods are applicable to this version.

In contrast, Bedrock does not support mods because of the way it is built. This version of the game was built off of Pocket Edition, the former mobile variation of the game. Because all platforms have this version, it is able to utilize crossplay and has a Marketplace where you can purchase new content. This version is also better set up security-wise and runs better on consoles, which is why you will never see Java on console.

Should I play Java or Bedrock Edition in Minecraft?

If you are a console or mobile player, the choice is easy because you have no choice. Bedrock is the only currently supported version available on these platforms. PC players have a choice and some consideration to make.

PC has both the Java and Bedrock Editions available in the Minecraft Launcher. If you have friends on other platforms, we recommend playing Bedrock so you can play with them. If you are an achievement hunter, this version will also unlock Xbox achievements. Also, if you have a lower-end PC and are interested in paying a monthly fee to start a Realm server, Bedrock is the choice. If you do not have friends on console or mobile, Java might be the better choice for you, especially if you are interested in checking out mods on the internet.

No matter which side you choose, both Minecraft games are similar enough in the ways that matter to make them both good choices. Just make sure you pick the right one for your situation.