How to make a dew collector in Grounded

Make getting water that much easier.

Clean water is a vital resource in Grounded. Your character consistently needs it and finding it can be a bit of chore because you have to find it by hitting any of the grass stalks and hoping you see a water droplet hanging off them. Sometimes, you get lucky and find one of the ground. To make it a bit easier, you can create a dew collector, but crafting this item takes a bit of time, and you need to analyze a particular item at your field station.

You unlock the dew collector by locating quartzite. You can find this underground, so you need to discover a cave. You can also find them next to the wire used for the laser that you need to investigate. Make sure to bring a hammer to break it off the deposit and take it back to your field station to analyze. The dew collector requires four items to make it: five woven fiber, six weed stems, eight quartize, and five spider silk.

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Woven fiber is pretty natural to obtain. You need to collect various grass fibers you find and craft those into the woven fiber. For some, the weed stems have been difficult, but you can obtain from a dandelion. You can look up for those and find the stems to break them down. The quartize is also easy if you can find a cave and have a hammer ready.

Spider silk is easily the toughest material you can expect to try obtaining the required resources. Taking a spider is no easy task. An excellent way to do is to craft a sprig bow and have plenty of arrows ready to take it out from a distance. Fighting these creatures up close is extraordinarily tough. If you have to fight them at close range, try to wear as much armor as possible, and use a pebblet spear. Mostly, you want to rely on your ranged weapons. After you take them out, approach the spider web that you can attack and hit it with your pebblet ax to receive the silk.

When you have all of them, bring to your camp and leave it outside, so it collects dew passively. It’s great to take a drink of water, and if you have a canteen, you can take the dew collector’s contents on your travels.