How to make a Dew Collector in Grounded

Collect your thirst quencher.

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Clean water is a vital resource in GroundedYour character consistently needs it and finding it can be a chore because you have to find it by hitting grass stalks if you see a water droplet hanging off them. Sometimes, you get lucky and find them on the ground. To make it a bit easier, you can create a Dew Collector, but crafting this item takes a bit of time, and you need to analyze a particular item at your field station. This guide will explain how to make a Dew Collector in Grounded and how it works.

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How to make a Dew Collector

You unlock the dew collector by crafting silk rope. Silk rope is a challenging material to collect for this recipe. You must craft this rare material using web fiber. You can find web fiber in the yard or hunt down a spider to try and earn some.

Taking a spider down is no easy task. An excellent way to craft a Sprig bow and have plenty of arrows ready to take it out from a distance. Fighting these creatures up close is extraordinarily tough. To fight them up close, we recommend a slashing or fire-based weapon. Once you analyze silk rope at a field station, you’ll unlock the recipe for this utility building.

The Dew Collector requires four items to make it: five crude ropes, six weed stems, eight pebblets, and five silk ropes.

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Crude ropes are pretty natural to obtain. You need to collect plant fibers you find everywhere in the yard and craft those into crude ropes. Weed stems can be obtained from a dandelion. Get to some high ground, spot a Dandelion as they spawn around the yard, and chop them down with a Pebblet Axe. Pebblets can be picked up near the starting area and found when breaking rocks down with a Pebblet hammer.

If you have to fight them at close range, try to wear as much armor as possible, and use slashing weapons. You can also chop down spider webs strewn around the yard with a Pebblet axe but be careful as it will attract nearby spiders to your location. You then need to make a Spinning Wheel and convert the web fiber into silk rope.

When you have all of the required materials, bring them to your camp and construct the Dew Collector outside. This will allow it to collect dew passively. Dew is a great thirst quencher, and if you have a canteen, you can take the dew collector’s contents on your travels.