How to make a sawmill in Terraria

Here’s how to craft a sawmill in Terraria and get started on advanced wood crafting.


Sawmills are useful to have on hand in Terraria for some advanced wood-crafting projects. Fortunately, getting the ingredients together isn’t too difficult, especially by the time you need anything the sawmill produces, but making one from scratch is a little bit of a laborious process. Here’s how to make a sawmill in Terraria, starting from having absolutely nothing.

Crafting the required tools

To craft a sawmill, you first need to make a few other tools – a work bench, anvil, and furnace. If you already have those, you can skip to the next section, otherwise, read on.

All you need to do to make one is to collect 10 wood from any nearby trees, then open your crafting menu and select work bench.

Next, you’ll need a furnace. Making one requires 20 stone blocks, four wood, and three torches (which can be made from one wood and one gel if you don’t have any on hand). Take all the ingredients to a work bench, and you’ll be able to make a furnace.

Finally, you’ll need an anvil. To make one, you’ll need either five iron bars or five lead bars. Whichever one you go with, you’ll need to gather a total of 15 ore (three for each bar), then use the furnace to turn them into bars. Take your five bars to the work bench, and you’ll be able to craft an anvil.

Crafting the sawmill

Once you have your workbench, anvil, and furnace set up, you’re just about ready to make a sawmill. Crafting a sawmill at the work bench requires 10 wood, two iron or lead bars, and one chain. You can turn one iron bar into chain at the anvil, so you’ll need three bars total. Once you have all that, craft the chain at your anvil and take all of the ingredients to your work bench where you’ll be able to make a sawmill.

Ingredients needed to build a sawmill

To craft a sawmill only

  • 10 wood
  • 2 iron or lead bars
  • 1 chain

To craft a sawmill and all required tools/ingredients

  • 24 wood
  • 20 stone
  • 3 torches
  • 24 iron or lead ore (to turn into 8 bars)