How to make a sawmill in Terraria

How to set up the advanced woodworking station.

Image via Re-Logic

One of the most fun aspects of Terraria is building up a nice base. It can resemble a small town, a village, or sprawl over the whole map, with housing for all NPCs. One thing they all have in common is that you will want to deck them out with nice furniture. To build the best furniture, you will need to make a sawmill. Sawmills are crafting stations that let you create advanced items in the wood and furniture categories. Here’s how to go about building a sawmill of your own in Terraria.

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How to make a Sawmill in Terraria

Sawmill generally falls in the advanced workstations category, which means that there are a few steps that you need to take before making it. The ingredients themselves aren’t too difficult to get, but you will need to plan out how to go about making the Sawmill. Check if you have all resources needed in one of your Chests, or otherwise go out into the world to gather them.

First, you will need to have a Work Bench, which is the most basic crafting station that you have access to. That’s where you’re going to make the Sawmill as a placeable object. With that set up, here are what resources you’re going to need:

  • 10 of any Wood
  • 2 of any Iron Bar
  • 1 Chain

The 10 Wood requirement is the easiest part, and you can get more than enough by chopping down a single tree. Two kinds of Iron Bars fall into the ‘any’ category — Iron Bar or Lead Bar. You can make both of them by collecting their respective Ores from the ground, so use any that you like or have an abundance of. 

To turn Ore into Bars, you will have to set up a Furnace. Luckily, the Furnace is one of the basic processing stations, so all you’ll need to do is go to the Work Bench with:

  • 20 Stone Blocks
  • 4 of any Wood
  • 3 Torches

At the Furnace, you can smelt 3 Ores into a single Bar, so that would mean that you need to mine 6 Ores in total to get the required Bars for the Sawmill.

Lastly, you need a Chain. The Chain is made at the Anvil, out of 1 Iron Bar or 1 Lead Bar. You already know how to get those, so you have to build an Anvil next. It can be either an Iron or Lead Anvil, which is made at the Work Bench out of 5 of their respective Bars. That means more mining for Ore, but with that set up, you can make the Chain.

With all resources in your Inventory, head to the Work Bench, and craft the Sawmill. Now all you have to do is set it up in your chosen crafting area, and you’re ready to do some advanced Wood crafting.