How to make Apple Cider Glazed Salmon in Disney Dreamlight Valley

A sweet and savory fish recipe.

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Each biome that you unlock and explore in Disney Dreamlight Valley has its own set of animals native to its area. But what’s even more notable is the game’s diverse list of seafood and fish that can be caught and used in recipes, a few examples of which are Lobsters and Swordfish. One particularly sophisticated fish-based recipe is the Apple Cider Glazed Salmon, which we’ll show you how to make in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Apple Cider Glazed Salmon recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

This recipe is a 3-star dish that is made up of the following three ingredients:

  • Salmon
  • Apple
  • Sugarcane
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Where to find Salmon fish

The meal’s core ingredient, Salmon, is a fish native to the Frosted Heights biome. You can get it by using your Fishing Rod on white fishing spots within the area’s river. 

However, you won’t immediately be able to access Frosted Heights biome as you would first need to spend 10,000 Dreamlight to open it. This zone is also only reachable through the Forest of Valor biome, which can be unlocked for another 3,000 Dreamlight, so you’ll have to collect a total of 13,000 Dreamlight before you can catch a Salmon.

Where to find Apple

On the other hand, Apples are the easiest ingredient to acquire for this recipe as they can immediately be found growing on trees within the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow.

Where to find Sugarcane

Finally, both Sugarcane and Sugarcane Seeds can be purchased at Goofy’s Stall in the Dazzle Beach biome for 29 and five Star Coins, respectively. If you want to save on Star Coins, Sugarcane Seeds grow relatively quickly as the plant becomes ready to harvest after seven minutes.

This biome also happens to be the cheapest zone to unlock in the game, as it only costs 1,000 Dreamlight. Once you’ve opened the area, you’ll also have to repair the stall for 1,000 Star Coins in order to purchase items.