How to make blocks in Dwarf Fortress

Foundational building blocks.

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Dwarf Fortress has such a large variety of building materials that learning how and where to acquire them can often be overwhelming. Though there are some resources that can be obtained simply through exploration, others can only be acquired by making or crafting them. A perfect example of an item you’ll need when creating various objects are blocks. Here’s what you’ll have to do to make them.

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How to get blocks in Dwarf Fortress

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You can make blocks in the game through a Carpenter’s Workshop, a Stoneworker’s Workshop, a Glass Furnace, a Kiln, or a Forge. The first option will allow you to craft wood blocks while the second will give you the chance to make rock blocks.

Additionally, Glass Furnaces let you make glass blocks while Kilns and Forges yield ceramic and metal blocks respectively when used.

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To make wood blocks, you’ll have to use one piece of wood which you can easily gather by chopping up one of the stumps on the surface. On the other hand, rock blocks require any rock material, such as Limestone, in order to be crafted.

If you want to make glass blocks, you’ll need to use Sand to create them. If you want to make ceramic blocks, you’ll need clay. You can also generate metal blocks by simply using any metal bar that you can craft through a Smelter.

You will then be able to use these blocks in the creation of various structures such as bridges, stairs, ramps, and floors. Blocks are also a necessary component in the construction of wells, which are incredibly important machines as they provide a clean source of water for your fortress.