How to trade in Dwarf Fortress

Trade all day to stock up your hideaway.

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Dwarf Fortress will require you to gather resources that can help you keep your underground kingdom running. Though most of them can be obtained throughout your journey, it will often be easier to acquire most items by trading with merchants. The only problem is that the trading process isn’t exactly as clear-cut as the other aspects of the game. Fortunately, we’re here to give you the information you need to start trading your way to a prosperous fortress.

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How to start trading in Dwarf Fortress

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In order to start trading in Dwarf Fortress, you will first need to establish a Trade Depot within your base. The caravan that arrives during the start of Autumn will then be able to set up shop at the depot which will allow you to start negotiating with them.

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Before you can start trading, however, you’ll need to move some of the resources and items that you have to the depot itself. You’ll be able to do this by clicking the ‘Move goods to/from depot button.’ This will open up a window filled with various categories that you can then go through to select which ones you want to barter with.

After you’ve chosen the objects you’d like to part with by clicking their corresponding checkbox, they will then be made available for trade. Now that you’ve got the goods ready for trading, you will also need to have a unit at the depot to start negotiating with the merchants.

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The dwarf you’ve assigned as your Broker should ideally be the one present at the Trade Depot during this time. However, you can also choose to have any other unit present by simply selecting the ‘Anyone requested at depot’ option instead. Once a character has arrived at the area, you’ll be able to click the Trade button to begin.