How to make Bright Dusted Snowballs in Destiny 2 – Dawning 2020

She doesn’t deserve them.

Destiny 2

Bright Dusted Snowballs are just one of the many seasonal snacks you will need to make during the Dawning 2020 event in Destiny 2. Like all the treats, they are made from specific ingredients that can be obtained throughout the game. In this guide, we will show you what you need, and where to get it.

For Bright Dusted Snowballs, you will need Chitin Powder and Multifaceted Flavor. You can get Chitin Power by killing Hive enemies, anywhere in the game, via any means. Multifaceted Flavor can be obtained by getting multi-kills.

The best place to farm both these items is at the Altar Of Sorrows on the Moon. Here you will find endless streams of Hive enemies, and it will be easy to rack up lots of kills and multi-kill against them. You will also be able to farm up all kinds of other ingredients here at the same time, by using a range of different weapons, abilities, and energy types.

When you have both ingredients, combine them in the Holiday Oven in your quest tab, along with 15 Essence of Dawning, to get a Bright Dusted Snowball. You can then bring this to Tess at the Eververse store in the Tower.

You will get three Spirit of Dawning as a reward. If you need help finding other ingredients, we have a full guide that will help you out. We also have a guide for every Dawning 2020 recipe, which you should also find useful.