How to make Brittle Whetstone in Grounded

Give your weapons a sharper edge.

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The Brittle Whetstone is a basic upgrade material in Grounded. You will use it on your weapons to make them stronger, making survival in the Backyard far more accessible and more attainable while you and your friends band together to create a sustainable life. There are only a handful of ingredients you need for this recipe. This guide covers everything you need to make a Brittle Whetstone in Grounded.

The best way to make Brittle Whetstone in Grounded

There are two recipes you can follow to make Brittle Whetstone. The first recipe involves grabbing one material of sap and one larva spike. Depending on your setup and where you are in the Backyard, it might be a good idea to rely on this recipe first when you’re starting. The sap is relatively easy to find as you can regularly find it on the side of twigs or close to the Oak Tree at the center of the map. Although, Larva Spikes are slightly more problematic as you will need to defeat the Larva bugs, which can be fearsome, especially if you’re playing with starting gear.

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The second recipe for Brittle Whetstone has you trying to track down Brittle Quartzite Shards. Brittle Quartzite Shards can be harvested from a large Brittle Quartzite node, or you can locate smaller bits of them on the ground, usually where you’d discover Brittle Quartzite. Most of the time, you’ll need to adventure underground, typically underneath the Red Ant Hill or any tunnels you can find. These are dangerous locations, and we recommend bringing plenty of torches and gear to protect yourself. In addition, you will need a Pebblet Hammer to break them.

You will need to take these to a workstation to construct them. Then, you can use them on any weapon you have and begin to upgrade them.