How to get Pupa Leather in Grounded

What’s all the hoopla about Pupa?

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Pupa Leather is a highly sought-after resource in Grounded because of the high-value items that it can be used to make. The tier three armor and tools made from this will help keep you alive and advance you along on your progression path. Finding it will take a little bit of exploring, though. Here is where to find Pupa Hide and how to get Pupa Leather in Grounded.

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Where to find Pupa Leather in Grounded

To get Pupa Leather, you first need to have a Termite Axe. This is a tier three chopping tool that can be made with Two Termite Chompers, two Crow Feather Pieces, and four Tough Gunk. It will also be very helpful if you have a Crossbow and Bolts that you can use to shoot the Pupas down.

Pupas are located beneath the front porch of the shed hanging from the ceiling. This is in the upper portion of the backyard and is at the northwestern point of the map. There will be a couple of Ladybirds patrolling the ground below, so be sure to work with your teammates to eliminate them before you begin harvesting.

Screenshot by Gamepur
Screenshot by Gamepur

While there is some Pupa Hide that you can grab at the back of this area, a large portion of them will need to be shot down with a Crossbow. When it falls, hit it with the Termite Axe to make it split into a couple of pieces that you can pick up in your inventory.

Now that you have Pupa Hide, there are two ways to turn it into Pupa Leather. You can craft it at a Workbench, but that will take a lot of Hide. Instead, we recommend hanging it on a Jerky Rack. After a bit of waiting, each piece you put on will eventually turn into Pupa Leather. You can then use it to craft the tier three armor and tools you need. When you need more, wait a couple of in-game days for it to respawn under the shed and repeat.