How to make Chocolate Soymilk in Tower of Fantasy

A chocolate twist for the good old soymilk.

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You can make many food items in Tower of Fantasy, each with its benefits. If you want to try a new helpful recipe, Chocolate Soymilk is a great food item. It helps you recover health and endurance. Getting this rare recipe might be tricky, but you can easily get it with the correct ingredients. Here is how to make Chocolate Soymilk and where to gather its ingredients in Tower of Fantasy.

Chocolate Soymilk recipe

Chocolate Soymilk is a great food item that can help you last longer and fight more effectively. Eating it recovers your health by 15% and 20,000, making it one of the best food items in difficult situations. Additionally, it restores your endurance by 500 points, meaning you will be fighting and flying for longer. Cooking Chocolate Soymilk is easy, as you only need three simple ingredients and its recipe. Here are all the ingredients you need to cook Chocolate Soymilk in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get the Chocolate Soymilk recipe

You can not make Chocolate Soymilk without its recipe, but it’s easy to get. Head to any cooking bot, and interact with it. In the menu, select Creation from below and put all the Chocolate Soymilk ingredients until you get a 90 to 100% success rate. Hit cook, and you will get the recipe.

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Where to gather Chocolate Soymilk ingredients

You need three ingredients to make Chocolate Soymilk, one of which is Mirroria city exclusive. To get soy, go to Mirroria city and head to the platform’s edge from the entrance. Here you will find the food vendor, Mrs. Fragrance, and you need to buy soy from her.

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To get coca beans, you must head back to Asperia and then to Raincaller Island in Navia. There go to the marked locations seen above, and you will find coca beans. Lastly, honey is in all parts of the world; you need to kill bees or destroy their hives to get it.