How to make Rose Bread in Tower of Fantasy

A pleasant dessert to fix the mood.

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There are many food items in Tower of Fantasy, all of which are useful for various situations. However, some are better than others in terms of rarity. If you are looking for one of the best food items, Rose Bread is a great one. It can help you with specific enemies and grant you resistance. Here is how to make Rose Bread and where to gather its ingredients.

Rose Bread recipe

Rose Bread is one of Vera’s super rare food items, and it greatly helps you with volt enemies. Consuming it increases your volt resistance by 15% and 675 points, meaning you will take less damage from any volt-type attack. Additionally, it grants you 20 satiety points. Cooking the Rose Bread is simple as you only need two ingredients and its recipe. Here are all the ingredients you need to make Rose Bread in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get the Rose Bread recipe

Making Rose Bread without its recipe is impossible, but getting it easy. Go to any cooking bot and interact with it. Open the Creation tab from the menu below and put all Rose Bread ingredients in until you get a 90 to 100% success rate. After that, cook it, and the bot will give you the recipe.

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Where to gather Rose Bread ingredients

You need two ingredients to make Rose Bread, but both are on different maps. You can only get Rose Petals on the Vera map. Go to the marked location above, and you will easily spot sparkling red roses in the desert. For Brown Rice, head to marked locations in the Navia region of the Asperia map. You will find many of them in grassy areas.