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Where to get Honey in Tower of Fantasy

Watch out for the stingers.

Crafting is a large part of the experience that Tower of Fantasy has to offer. When you are out in the wilderness, you are sure to spot many creatures and plants that will get you upgrade materials and ingredients for cooking. Among these ingredients is Honey, a wonderfully sweet item that is sure to help ease your grumbling tummy. Unfortunately, getting ahold of some Honey is easier said than done.

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How to get Honey in Tower of Fantasy

It is probably obvious that Honey comes from bees. Unfortunately, bees in Tower of Fantasy are anything but friendly. To get Honey, you will need to disturb a nest and take out the squadron of flying insects that swarms out of it.

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While exploring the map, keep a lookout for large hives with a blue liquid coming out of them. These hives are where you will get your supply of Honey. When you discover one, attack it with your weapon and some Needlebees will fly out. The Honey doesn’t come from the hive itself, it actually drops from the Needlebees that attack you for disturbing their rest.

How to use Honey in Tower of Fantasy

Like other ingredients in the game, you can go to a cooking robot to use your Honey to craft different meals. These meals will, in turn, heal your character and raise your Satiety. Use the creation menu at a cooking robot to make custom recipes with your Honey. If you want to eat the Honey raw, go into the ingredients menu and select it from your inventory. You will have the option to use it without the need of cooking it.

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