How to make donations to the War Effort Donations Box for J.B. Chimpanski in Fortnite

Helping hand.

One of the challenges you will need to complete for J.B. Chimpanski in Fortnite is to donate to the war effort. To do this, you will need to make a donation of Gold Bars to one of the many War Effort Donation Boxes that can be found around the map.

These are being used by the folks who live on the island to crowdfund defenses against the creatures that live in the Sideways, such as massive turrets that can be installed.

To make a donation to the War Effort, players will need to track down large yellow boxes that have been added to the map. When you are close to them, they will be marked by a money bag symbol. Interacting with them will let you donate the needed funds in small amounts. Remember, it’s Gold Bars that you need, and you can get them from finish quests for NPCs, open chests, cash registers, and smashing ATM machines.

It would seem that as the War Effort Donations tick up over the course of the season, new turrets and other goodies will be appearing on the map for players to use, so make sure you spend some time giving to the War Effort and not just letting all your Gold Bars sit there and do nothing.