How to make Eel and Mushroom Soup in Tower of Fantasy

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There are various types of food in Tower of Fantasy, each with its benefits. To make these foods, you need their recipes and ingredients, and some can be hard to get. But finding them to make the recipes are well worth it. The Eel and Mushroom Soup recipe is one of the best recipes for volt. Here is how to make Eel and Mushroom Soup and where to gather its ingredients in Tower of Fantasy.

Eel and Mushroom Soup recipe

Eel and Mushroom Soup is a great food for volt-type weapons. Eating it increases your volt attack by 1% and 80 points. Furthermore, it will restore 10 satiety points, making Eel and Mushroom Soup ideal for combat. To make it, you will need its recipe and two ingredients. Here are the ingredients you will need to make Eel and Mushroom Soup recipe.

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How to get the Eel and Mushroom Soup recipe

If you don’t have the Eel and Mushroom Soup recipe, you can create it by going to any cooking bot. In the cooking bot menu, select creation and put all the required ingredients until you get an 80 to 100% success rate. After that, hit Create, and the bot will give you the Eel and Mushroom Soup recipe.

How to get Eel and Mushroom Soup recipe ingredients

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Both ingredients are a bit hard to get, and you will need to have unlocked the Crown Mines region. First, you can get Firecap at the shores and nearby areas of Crown Mines. They are usually hidden in the green grass and sometimes glow; you will need to keep a close eye to get your hands on some. Lastly, you can easily get Electric Eels in Warren Snowfield and Banges. Try to look for them in open water, as opposed to in small rivers.