Where to get Electric Eels in Tower of Fantasy

Some fish and chips?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Unlike other fish in Tower of Fantasy, Electric Eels can be hard to locate and farm. Most players will likely assume that they are available in every region’s water bodies – which is not the case. In fact, Electric Eels are only available in specific locations, making them a rare resource. If you are struggling to get Electric Eels in Tower of Fantasy, refer to the guide below.

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Electric Eels locations in Tower of Fantasy

As of now, the only places where you’ll encounter Electric Eels in Tower of Fantasy are North and South Aesperia. Hence, you won’t find any Electric Eels in Astra. The different spots to farm the resource are marked in the image below.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you spot an Electric Eel swimming in the locations mentioned image, simply walk near it and press the interact button to collect it. It’s worth noting that the longer you fish at one spot, the harder it will be to land one. Hence, keep changing spots to be efficient in fishing. Since there are Waypoints near these hotspots, it should be easy to travel quickly. If you are a beginner in the game and haven’t unlocked different Waypoints, it might be more tedious since you’ll have to manually go to the locations. However, over time the process of farming Electric Eels should become more convenient.

Electric Eels can be consumed directly in Tower of Fantasy which will replenish your health by a small quantity. However, it is also an ingredient used in several cooking recipes. Overall, farming Electric Eels isn’t challenging in the game; you just need to know the best spots to do so.