How to make Emma die in The Quarry

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Emma starts her story in The Quarry having just broken up with Jacob at the end of summer. That’s no reason for someone to die, but if you’re looking to kill off all the counselors in the game, then you’ll have to get Emma too. Here’s how to off the camp drama teacher — spoiler warning.

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How to kill Emma in Chapter 4

None of your decisions change Emma’s fate until Chapter 4. She’s the second counselor who can be killed off. The first is her ex-boyfriend Jacob in the previous chapter. In Chapter 4, Emma will enter the tree house while she’s alone on the island. Once inside, she’ll have a choice to open the trap door above or search the nearby bag. If you want her to die right then, choose to open the trap door. A werewolf will attack from above and tear her apart.

If you accidentally choose the bag, there’s still an opportunity to kill her off in this chapter. While running from the werewolf, you’ll eventually head to the zipline atop the tree house to make your final escape. Emma will need to crank the zipline to bring the handle closer. Choose to crank quickly, then purposefully miss when she jumps off the ledge. The fall will finish her off.

How to kill Emma after Chapter 4

Once Emma escapes the island, she’s pretty much safe for the rest of the game. The worst that can happen is she gets infected. To do this, you’ll have had to leave the fireworks in the safe inside the camp store during Chapter 2. If you took them out, then simply don’t pick them up at the fire pit in Chapter 6. When you see the hunters, choose to run. A werewolf will bite you along the way since you have no firecracker to scare it off.