How to make Evil in Little Alchemy 2

Add a little evil to your daily routine.

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Evil in Little Alchemy 2 is a special element you can make with a good amount of effort. It will take some time to work through the various combinations to reach this point, but it’s worth it if you want to make some interesting final products in the game. This guide will cover the quickest way to make Evil in Little Alchemy 2.

How to get Evil

It’s important to note Evil is a unique element in Little Alchemy 2. It is only available if you purchase the Myths and Monsters content pack. If you do not have this content pack attached to your account, you will be unable to make it.

After you purchase the content pack, the only way to create Evil is by combining Humans and Pandora’s Box. Let’s focus on Humans before making Pandora’s Box between these two.

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How to make Humans

You must go through these combinations to make Humans, beginning with the starting elements.

  • Combine two Water to make a Puddle
  • Combine two Fire to create Energy
  • Add a Puddle with Water to create a Pond
  • Add a Pond with Water to create a Lake
  • Add the Lake with a Water to make the Sea
  • Combine the Sea with an Earth to create Primordial Soup
  • Combine the Primordial Soup with Energy to create Life
  • Next, combine Earth and Water to make Mud
  • Combine two Air elements to make Pressure
  • Add Earth and Pressure together to make Stone
  • Combine Mud and Stone to make Clay
  • Combine Clay and Life to make Humans

How to make Pandora’s Box

After you’ve made Humans, the next step is to make Pandora’s Box a featured item from the Myths and Monsters content pack.

  • Add Humans and Stone together to make Tool
  • Combine Earth and Life to make Soil
  • Add Soil and Life to make a Plant
  • Add Plant with Time to make a Tree
  • Combine Humans with a Tree to make a Lumberjack
  • Combine a Lumberjack with a Tool to make an Axe
  • Combine two Trees to make a Forest
  • Combine an Axe with the Forest to make Wood
  • Add Fire with Wood to make a Campfire
  • Combine the Campfire with Human to make Story
  • Combine the Human with Story to make Philosophy
  • Add Clay with the Tool to make Pottery
  • Combine Pottery with Philosophy to make Container
  • Combine Container with Good to make Pandora’s Box
  • Combine Pandora’s Box with Humans to make Evil

You will have Evil by reaching the end of these steps. The most challenging element in all these combinations will be Time, which you can unlock by discovering 100 unique combinations in Little Alchemy 2.