How to make Fish Sandwich in Disney Dreamlight Valley

A simple recipe that can be recreated in any household.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s menu is adorned with various sophisticated dishes that could pass as well-regarded meals in high-end restaurants. But it also includes a multitude of simple homemade dishes that anybody can prepare. One example of a recipe that’s easy to cook both in-game and in real life is the Fish Sandwich. Here is what you’ll need to make the Fish Sandwich.

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Fish Sandwich recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Fish Sandwich is a 2-star entrée that is incredibly easy to make due to its widely available ingredients. To make this recipe you’ll need the following items:

  • Fish (any, apart from Cod)
  • Wheat
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Any fish that can be caught using your Fishing Rod, such as Bream, Catfish, Bass, or Rainbow Trout may be used to cook this meal. All of the fish that were previously mentioned can also be found within Peaceful Meadow which means you also don’t have to spend any Dreamlight to create this entrée. But even though the in-game recipe allows any fish in the creation of this dish, using Cod to cook it will create an entirely different recipe.

Wheat is also similarly accessible as it is purchasable at Goofy’s Stall in Peaceful Meadow. If you want to purchase ready-to-cook Wheat, it can be bought for three Star Coins each. But if you prefer growing crops instead, Wheat Seeds are also available for sale at the same stall for one Star Coin each and it only takes one minute for the plant to fully grow.

Since the Fish Sandwich is one of the easier meals to create in the game, it doesn’t hold much value as it can be sold for only 34 Star Coins. It also doesn’t provide much in the way of stamina restoration as it only provides 337 Energy when consumed, which is even lower than some fruits that can be harvested in the opening areas of the game.