How to make grass in Little Alchemy 2

Grow the grass a little greener in Little Alchemy 2.

Image via Recloak

Little Alchemy 2 is a game about combining items to create everything — from tools and structures to forces and creatures — starting from the simplest of elements. As players discover new items, they’ll often notice their progress speed up drastically once they create life, as it is used to create many creature-related items, both flora and fauna alike. Grass is one such item that is easily produced in this sudden life boom.

How to make grass

Image via Recloak

The easiest item combination to create grass is that of earth and plant. Finding earth needs no complicated explanation, as it is one of the four initial elements given to players at the start of the game.

Plant, however, exists rather deep down the flora-based item chain, created by combining a seed with one of two starting elements in either earth or water. The seed itself is most easily a product of a flower and time. Time can be tricky to get as a usable item, as it cannot be produced by combining items and is instead rewarded to the player after discovering 100 unique items in total.

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Grass plays a part in a handful of niche solutions when used in combination with other items. For example, players who have discovered and experimented enough with science can combine grass with domestication to create wheat. Additionally, in one of the more puzzling and hard-to-guess combinations of the entire game, grass can be added to an aquarium to build a greenhouse.