How to make Honey Glazed Chicken in Valheim

Enjoy the sweet and crispy tenderness of stone-cooked chicken in Valheim.

Honey glazed chicken on a table in Valheim

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Few meal recipes in Valheim can sound more appetizing to a Nordic adventurer than the Honey Glazed Chicken. After all, the in-game description of this dish states that the meat has been “grilled to perfection” and is capable of making “both eyes and mouths water.” Beyond its delectable appearance, this food item also dramatically boosts your stats. With 5 HP healed per tick, the Honey Glazed Chicken will increase your Max HP by 80 and Max Stamina by 26 for 30 minutes. Nevertheless, gathering and cooking the ingredients for this recipe involves much preparation and effort.

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Cooking Honey Glazed Chicken in Valheim

Uncooked honey glazed chicken ingredients in Valheim
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The Honey Glazed Chicken is the cooked version of the Uncooked Honey Glazed Chicken recipe in Valheim, which is made in a Cauldron using Chicken Meat × 1, Honey × 3, and Jotun Puffs × 2. Needless to say, Chicken Meat comes from Hens or juvenile chickens; you are guaranteed to get this meat drop from Hens slain with a Butcher Knife tool. To get Chickens in Valheim, you must purchase Eggs from Haldor after defeating Yagluth of the Plains. Honey is made from Beehives, which can be crafted using Wood and Queen Bees found in the Meadows or Black Forest.

Cooking Uncooked honey glazed chicken in a Stone Oven in Valheim
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The Jotun Puffs needed for the Uncooked Honey Glazed Chicken in Valheim are obtained from the Mistlands and appear as tri-stalked, golden-orb plants. Like Flax or Barley, you can plant and farm Jotun Puffs using a Cultivator. Once you have all three ingredients, you must build a Stone Oven, a blueprint that requires an Artisan Table. You can craft this workstation using Wood and Dragon Tears dropped by Moder of the Mountains. Once you place down a Stone Oven, add several stacks of Wood to stoke the fire. Insert the dish’s raw variant to let it cook, and you will soon acquire a delicious plate of Honey Glazed Chicken in Valheim.