How to build a Stonecutter in Valheim – Stonecutter recipe

Discovering iron is necessary before you can cut stone.

Stonecutter in Valheim

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To build stone structures such as the hearth, paved roads, or stone walls in Valheim, you will need a workstation known as a Stonecutter. Like the Stonecutter in Minecraft, this workbench can convert chunks of stone into sturdy structures for your base, including stone arches, stone floors, and stone pillars. Moreover, you must have a Stonecutter to craft Sharpening stones, a required material for creating the Grinding wheel upgrade for the Forge. Stonecutters are also used to construct Wisp fountains, the structures used to collect Wisps, a crucial resource for exploring the fog-covered landscape of the Mistlands.

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Unlocking and building the Stonecutter recipe in Valheim

Picking Up Iron to Unlock the Stonecutter recipe in Valheim
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Like any higher-tier recipe in Valheim, you must first unlock the base structure recipe for the Stonecutter before you can build it at your base, as it is not among the blueprints that are available by default. Recipes are unlocked by picking up particular resources for the first time. Likewise, Stonecutter’s recipe is automatically unlocked once you have added a bar of refined Iron to your inventory. Iron ingots are made at a Smelter using Coal and Scrap iron. This raw material can only be discovered in the Swamp biome.

While you do not need any prerequisite equipment to enter or explore the Swamp, obtaining the Swamp key to access Sunken Crypts is essential. The Sunken Crypts are the dungeon-like locations where you will find Scrap iron for unlocking the Stonecutter recipe in Valheim. To get the Swamp key, you must summon and defeat The Elder, the Boss of the Black Forest. You can invoke this Boss by gathering three Ancient seeds and placing them on the Forsaken altar. After defeating The Elder, exploring the Swamp’s Sunken Crypts for Scrap iron, and smelting the scrap at a Smelter, you will finally be able to make a Stonecutter in Valheim using the following materials:

  • Wood × 10
  • Iron × 2
  • Stone × 4