How to make Jaime survive in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me

Get a grip.

Image via Bandai Namco

Jaime is one of the more vulnerable crew members in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me. You’ll have your work cut out for you if you want to keep her alive until the break of dawn. Below, we’ve collected all of the steps you’ll need to take. Keep in mind that there will be heavy spoilers.

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How to keep Jaime alive in Director’s Suite

After the ladies discover Du’Met’s secret lair, Jaime will be sent as bait to try and trap the killer. Before she leaves, you can choose to give Jaime’s screwdriver to Kate or keep it. This choice doesn’t really matter, but it does decide what you need to do to save Jaime. After a short chase scene, Jaime and Kate will be in a room with a hydraulic, glass wall in the center. It will start to move toward Jaime. You need to send the wall toward whichever character has the screwdriver, as it will save them. Alternatively, you can keep the screwdriver and send the wall toward Kate to kill her and keep Jaime alive, but that’s not the best outcome.

How to keep Jaime alive in Chase

In this scene, you’ll actually be controlling Kate (assuming she’s alive). You need to pass all the QTEs that come during this chase, which will eventually lead to Du’Met catching Jaime. You’ll then be given a choice between helping Jaime or running away. Make sure you go back to save Jaime, or she will be unfortunately impaled.

How to keep Jaime alive in Homestead

During Homestead, you’ll enter a farmhouse where a dog named Connie is hiding. Du’Met will then appear, and Jaime will drag Connie off to hide in a side room. If Kate is still alive, you need to tell her to hide. Then, when Connie starts to bark, don’t kill the dog. Du’Met will enter the room, and Kate will pop out of hiding, startling Du’Met and giving Connie the opening to bite him, saving everyone. You could also kill the dog, but you’re not a monster, right?

How to keep Jaime alive in Lake

As with every character, Jaime can die during the final scene. When you get a choice between jumping off the boat or attacking the killer, just jump off the boat. Kate and Mark can handle themselves. If Kate is already dead, Jaime won’t get that option and will need to complete several QTEs with Mark to save them both.