How to make Kaitlyn survive in The Quarry

Save the final girl.

Image via Supermassive Games

There are nine counselors in The Quarry, and Kaitlyn is the boss. If you want to make sure she survives the night, you’ll have to take some certain steps. Read on to learn about them, and note that there are late-game spoilers ahead.

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How to save Kaitlyn — before Chapter 10

You don’t actually play as Kaitlyn as often as other characters, which means other people’s decisions have a big effect on her fate. The first important moment comes when you control Abi in Chapter 1. Choose to help Emma break into the cabin to get your bags. Once inside, turn to the left of the screen to find a stuffed rabbit. Put it in your bag, because this will come back at the end of the game.

Another important moment happens in Chapter 9, when Kaitlyn and Dylan are at the scrapyard. While operating the crane, Dylan will see the motion-sensing lights triggering — there’s a werewolf coming. There’s actually on the wrong path during this scene, but you need to make sure you nail all the quick time events. Kaitlyn can end up getting bitten otherwise.

How to save Kaitlyn — Chapter 10

Back at the lodge is when things come to a head for Kaitlyn. Proceed through the quick time events until you come to the choice to investigate the knock or hide. Investigating the knock leads to some further wrinkles, so hide instead. When in the kitchen, you’ll have another choice: run for it or go for the freezer. Choose the freezer. You’ll then be prompted to either enter it yourself or throw the decoy rabbit (remember that?) inside. Throw the decoy in to trap the werewolf in the cold and escape with your life.

If you got infected at the scrapyard, then you’ll want to make sure that’s cleared up too. In the climax of the game, be sure to shoot and kill Silas. That’ll clear up Kaitlyn’s werewolf curse.