How to make Razorgrain Flour in Fallout 76

Not the best sounding treat.

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Bring out your inner baker by crafting some Razorgrain Flour in Fallout 76. This enriched flour is great for consumption and is also a component of a few different recipes that you can obtain. Making this ingredient is rather simple and only requires a few ingredients. Unfortunately, the ingredients aren’t the easiest things to find. Here is how you can make some Razorgrain Flour in Fallout 76.

How to craft Razorgrain Flour in Fallout 76

Razorgrain Flour only has three ingredients. These ingredients aren’t the most simple things to find but they are worth getting if you are interested in making this treat. You will need the following items to craft flour:

  • Razorgrain
  • Concrete
  • Boiled Water

While you can easily get Concrete throughout the game by scrapping various items, you will need to work a bit harder for Boiled Water and Razorgrain. You can find Boiled Water in various locations. If you don’t feel like searching for it, you can craft it by combining Dirty Water and Wood at a cooking station.

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Razorgrain is a bit harder to find. One of the best places to find Razorgrain is southwest of Big Al’s Tattoo Parlor. Here, you can find a ton of Razorgrain growing in a field. After getting Razorgrain for the first time, you can grow more of it at your camp by combining it with fertilizer.

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Benefits of Razorgrain Flour in Fallout 76

Razorgrain Flour might not seem like the most beneficial food item in the game. After all, who wants to eat flour? Consuming Razorgrain Flour will restore a slight amount of your health and it will increase your Action Points by 60 for a limited time. If you don’t feel like consuming the flour, you can also use it as a component to craft Fasnacht Donuts and S’mores. These items will increase your Actions Points and Rad Resistance.